🔎How to track your progress.

Purchased an UXOS package and want to keep an eye on it? That's super easy! and here's how!

How to track.

Telegram tracking.

Telegram tracking results depend on your presence in certain groups. Your tokens information will be posted with a $symbol. For example, UXOS shills contain the search parameter $UXOS. So you can easily spot your bots shilling in the wild.

Twitter tracking.

Twitter tracking is very easily done. We make sure all our clients shills contain a unique hashtag in them. So you can search them that way. We can also issue the twitter handles of your bot accounts that are working for you on your hire period. From here, you can visit their account on twitter and simply click on "tweets and replies" where you will be able to view and read your bots interactions with people and their associated insights. We are also developing a dapp access panel that will be hosted on our website soon, that will contain a dashboard with basic stats for each bot account, such as number of tweets, number of replies and total interactions per day etc.

TikTok/YT/Other video platform tacking.

This one is super simple, as the account holder with the video, you can click on the videos insights and easily check the amount that we have boosted your content by.

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