A rolling whitepaper that you can find all our progress and futures lists.

About us.

UXOS is a revolutionary new way to communicate/engage and build organic relationships with prospective customers/investors using the latest Ai technologies to automatically reach out to potential users of your platform/product and engage with them in a human like way. Tired of trying to build a community for your crypto project? Endlessly shilling with little/no effect whilst stealing precious development time.. UXOS is your answer, with its multi-tiered social media Ai technology, we remove this stress in a fully automated, around the clock solution.
Finding it stressful trying to create reach? Automate this problem with UXOS and its highly effective Artificial intelligence incorporated technologies.


Symbol $UXOS Total Supply 1 Billion Buy Tax 10% Sell Tax 10% Transfer Tax 10% Tax breakdown: 4% Marketing funds 6% Liquidity Pool Taxes Max Transaction: 2% (20,000,000 tokens) Max Wallet: 2% (20,000,000 tokens) LP Mudra locked : HERE THE DEV TEAM HOLDS NO TEAM TOKENS. NOR IS THERE A DEV TAX IN THIS PROJECT.


A visual representation of our taxes.

Live utility

To see our live utility and service lists, please revert back to PRODUCT DOCS​


2023 Q1

  • Contact deployment ✅
  • PancakeSwap enabled ✅
  • Website v1 ✅
  • Whitepaper v1 ✅
  • Team KYC ✅✅ (Done twice)
  • Contract Audit ✅ (VIEW)
  • Live Telegram Utility ✅
  • Live Twitter Utility ✅
  • Phase 1 partnerships formed ✅✅✅✅
  • Start continual Marketing Scheme ✅
  • BSCscan socials updated ✅
  • Launch misc marketing services provided by UXOS ✅
  • Secure our first major business relationships ✅

2023 Q2

  • Website update ✅
  • Whitepaper V1 shifted to GitBook ✅
  • Increase of working Telegram utility to 200% capacity
  • Increase of working Twitter utility to 200% capacity
  • Implementation of TikTok Ai bots
  • Continue Marketing Program
  • Continue development of business relationships
  • Implement a web-based Web3 crypto payment store to our website.

2023 Q3

  • Website update
  • Increase of working Twitter Utility to 200 bots
  • Increase of Telegram Utility to double capacity of Q2.
  • Increase of Telegram Utility to 400% capacity
  • Research & Design of YouTube Ai Bots.
  • Start development of UXOS Terminal

2023 Q4

  • Bring major updates to UXOS terminal on a regular basis
  • Increase TikTok Utility to 50 bots.
  • Look in to development of iOS and google play store app.
  • Review roadmap and prep for 2024.

Our ecosystem

$UXOS has a very intricate eco system, one that is built in an external industry so benefits to our investors do not need to rely on internal volume or people being involved in our chart in order to gain profits. Our utilities are available to hire/purchase in the coin BNB. As our utilities & services are required and paid for in this token, all payments are delivered to our client wallet. (0xdb91E01969c439f63CCcAEA62D9AA02B774A2189) Client payments generated are used to buy back in to the chart. Forever increasing volume. The tokens gained by the client wallet for these buybacks are stored and will later be used for our staking pool to pay out a governed variable APY to people who choose to stake $UXOS. The APY reward is paid in native tokens. The more clients we gain & provide services for, the higher the reward pool will be. Here is a flow chart to explain how things are linked.
Click to enlarge.
As you can see in the above Flow Chart. Everything is fed back to $UXOS and the investor. The whole project is built to exponentially grow itself, benefiting everyone involved.


This is an important question that should always be asked. So here we will discuss in depth what we're doing and how we intend to make money during the project. As you can already see from the flowchart, tokenomics and previous project information, $UXOS dev team holds no tokens. $UXOS dev team are planning to make their money off the back end of the external utility. Currently, 100% of client generated funds are being returned to the chart. As UXOS upscales this and client revenue increases, there will be a percentile fee deducted from the Client payments. Here is the current breakdown: CLIENT PAYMENT IN: - 100% issued to buy backs. Here is the proposed breakdown: CLIENT PAYMENT IN: - 20% TEAM DEDUCTION PER TXN. - 10% OVERHEAD DEDUCTION. (This covers overhead costs; VPS/cloud servers/domain hosting/misc design payments etc) - 70% issued to buy backs. The proposed breakdown will only occur when we are a level when the team deems the utility working on is "finished". This is done purposefully to incentivise the team in to complete the task at a very high level of both quality and reliability and in a timely manner. When this happens, the development team will then start to make money for their time and skillset invested in to UXOS. This method was also chosen as the equity created for the development team falls externally outside of the $UXOS chart (i.e. its taken before injection in to the chart), thus meaning NO SELLING OR DAMAGE TO THE CHART is incurred in order for the team to be financially rewarded for their work. We believe that the Chart is solely for the people involved and invested in the project and should not be hindered by the requirements of the development team needing to release equity from the project.
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