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What UXOS will bring for you!

UBB (UXOSBoostBot)

UBB is our latest addition to our TG bot utility range. Here, you can simply direct message the bot via telegram to view quick boost packages available for your social media accounts. UBB is in Phase 1 of development, where a live and working telegram bot is operational and can be publicly used. At the moment, UBB's menus only consist of twitter boost packages. UBB will be updated over the coming future to include all of our services, from Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Reddit, Contract Auditing, Project and Personal KYC and more. It will be a fully built suite of direct marketing packages that can be rolled out with quick speed and very competitive rates. Simply drop it a message at t.me/uxosboostbot and have a look!

UXY (UXOS AI community management)

Do you have a telegram channel for your community? Get amazing things done with our awesome community building utility "UXY". -u #1 This product is free to use, simply add @UXOS_Ai_BOT to your telegram channel and start using it today! - Features include; - Full TG moderation functions (300+ features) - Full Ai integration - Create Ai Art (/show) - Create Ai Logos (/logo) - Create Ai text content - Have fun and converse with UXY; - /ask, /tell - Check up to date crypto conversion rates. (/cash 1 BNB USD for example) You can send a direct message to UXY and type /start to see a full command list.

Full human customer support team

UXOS might provide Ai integrated technology, but rest assured.. on the small chance there is an issue with your services, or you require mediation with UXOS, you can sit safe in the knowledge that there will be a human who can deal with your enquiries. You can contact us in the community telegram or simply email support@uxos-ai.com (email responses are made usually within 48 hours).

A safe environment.

$UXOS believes in being an innovative platform that has the capability of building large organic communities for projects/businesses.

As a result, there is always the risk of potential clients attempting to abuse this automated marketing system in order for personal exploitive gains (such as rugging a project etc).

We cannot guarantee or be held responsible for anyone's actions, especially those who are only known in the DeFi space.

However $UXOS has brought in a vetting process for clients, including a mandatory base requirement of the client passing/providing a valid KYC certificate.

We have a partnership with a third party, who is a registered company and is fully capable of providing a secure, data protected KYC certificate free of charge.

We endeavour to make BSC a better place, from communities, to quality of developers and projects.

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