UXOS now offers a professional contract auditing service, that is very competitively priced.

About our auditing

We are now able to offer professional Contract Auditing through our partner PEX. Audits are carried out in conjunction with International Crypto Services Agency (ICSA). These audits are a recognised document of a large series of tests to create a report on your contracts security and functionality. A smart contract audit involves a detailed analysis of the contract's code to identify security issues and incorrect and inefficient coding, and to determine ways to resolve the problems. The audit process is an important part of ensuring the security and reliability of blockchain applications. We offer a full report and support in highlighting issues that should be resolved. Price for this service is 1BNB. If you wish to book in/purchase this option, please use one of the following options: - DM t.me/BigTimeAki on telegram. - Use our automated service bot t.me/UXOSBoostBot - Email us directly. support@uxos-ai.com You can also use our CA Audit submission form HERE.

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