👋Welcome to UXOS.

The worlds first fully AI supported marketing brand.

For our whitepaper, follow the link: https://docs.uxos-ai.com/whitepaper/

What is UXOS?

UXOS (User eXperience Operating System) is built on a multi-tier ecosystem made up of a comprehensive suite of Artificial Intelligence utilities that continually works to grow UXOS.


Here is a breakdown of our services, what they are and what they can do for you.

Telegram AI shilling.

This was the first AI utility we produced (and launched $UXOS with). The original base code was pretty much a "normal" shilling bot which work by sending out hard shills in to groups it was added in. This method results in poor engagement and resulted in the accounts getting banned extremely quickly.

We updated the base code to have a new element that we dubbed the "human touch" function.

This function takes a base shill and uses AI to make subtle changes to the text (this avoids telegram antispam etc and protects the bots from getting shadow banned/permabanned). We also added the functions to allow us to add image or videos to the shills.

Next we started collecting information to create a database to form a list of current groups/lounges that we can operate in and ensure good engagement. This means our TG services offer amazing reach for not only our project, but also our respective clients. Each group is manually checked to abide by group rules (no hard shill, message timer limitations, anti spam details etc)

This service was also designed in mind to eliminate the need for human shillers. It helps devs know that we can operate 24/7 across our extensive range of groups, you can track everything yourself and it completely eliminates the cons of human shillers; - Sleeping, taking breaks, being ill. Getting fed up. Simply posting in 10x different TG channels and nothing more. Or the worst case scenario, the client pays the human shiller and the human shiller runs away with the money. We offer a fully transparent service at a very competitive rate which is pretty level with hiring human shillers.

Twitter AI shilling.

This is where things get really interesting. These marketing accounts act like real people. They are manually set up to engage targeted accounts/demographics and hashtags. They will directly connect with all people who match the criteria and using AI, will completely rewrite and engage with the potential investor in a conversational way.

The accounts act like humans, spread out across the world. They operate in time zone like habits (tweets "waking up" tweets "at lunch time" tweets "at night" etc etc). They mimic human tendencies and approach people in an engaging, soft shill approach.

Our utility is the next level for future marketing use. Instead of the "usual marketing" of targeted adverts for example, this tech seeks out users that have engaged with specific influencers or used specific hashtags etc and will reply, like and/or retweet their content in order to leave notifications on the users twitter account that undoubtedly the receiver will read.

This is more effective than the usual methods available for clients. Paid for adverts or promoted tweets for your content get put in peoples feeds and usually those people just simply scroll past. Our tech avoids this problem by fully engaging with the user directly.

This tech is getting developed to extend to further features such as being able to hold a 2 way conversation with someone and offer them more details about the product/project that the bot is set up to be marketing.

UXOS currently has 2 fully working bot accounts that can be viewed working quite easily. They are looking to expand this service to over 100+ accounts in total. These can also be hired out by clients.

This tech can also be applied to REAL WORLD businesses already! and it ALL WORKS WITHIN THE TWITTER Terms Of Service FOR AUTOMATED ACCOUNTS! We have been in touch with twitter directly regarding our automated accounts. After a talk with them we have been given the green light and are allowed to continue to push our marketing bots on their platform (As long as we continue to keep within their terms of service) they have also extended our API requests to unlimited. (Usually 1 per developer account!)


The Storm is $UXOS’ personal Twitter Ai army that constantly shills $UXOS across Twitter. These accounts perform a minimum of 30 tweets/interactions per day, per account. There are currently a minimum of 1500 tweets per day at time of writing (26th June 2023). This will be extended and updated regularly. We are capable of 200 accounts currently. Profits generated from this service when hired are a part of our eco system.

UXY -U#1

UXY is our community support/management bot, integrated with Ai and has over 300+ moderation commands and features. UXY is free to use for everyone and is already in over 110+ chats with 8000~ users. It can be found here: https://t.me/uxos_ai_bot

UBB -U#2

UXOSBoostBot is our easy to use social media account boosting utility. Simply send it a DM, place an order and let our tech latch on to your social media posts and bring the insights you most certainly deserve. Payments can be easily made via Crypto transfer. Profits generated from this service are a part of our eco system. It can be found here: https://t.me/uxosboostbot

U-TS5k -U#6

This is our UXOS Tweet Support Bot. Codenamed (by our community) as the TWAT SLAPPER 5000. (Twat being a post-tense of Tweet) This utility allows us to directly link tweets in to Telegram, then, with a single button to support the tweet, the user will click and be taken to their Twitter account with a pre written tweet (filled in by Ai) that can be instantly posted to Twitter in 2 clicks. This utility is used to help the community support the project on twitter with minimal effort. This utility will be available for other projects to use in the future and will become a part of our ecosystem. For a full list of Utilities, please go to our TELEGRAM and type /utility in the main chat.

We've put together some helpful links for you to get hooked in to UXOS quickly.

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